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Marvin Miller 1931 - 2017

On Sunday, October 22, 2017 Marv Miller passed away at age 86.  We will always remember Marv for his stogies and his bright smile.  We will forever miss Marv for his charm, charity, paternal nature and all that he passed on to us.

In 1965 VP Supply was bought by Marv Miller and Elliot Curwin. It was a very small company with three other employees. Marv and Elliot had no experience whatsoever in the wholesale business. The company was started with a lot of small loans from friends and family, and Marv and Elliot’s grit and determination. They had a very simple philosophy: work harder than your competition and treat people right.

Many here don’t know the original two owners’ names were David Verna and Jimmy Perrauilo. They ultimately bought the company from Jimmy Perrauilo. Jimmy was supposed to help them get started, but his wife became ill. He wished Marv and Elliot good luck and left to take care of his wife. Marv and Elliot did everything from loading the trucks to make the deliveries themselves if they had to.

Marv and Elliot will forever be intertwined in the building and beginning of VP Supply.  Most of us never saw the early days. The counter at 6 in the morning was a special place: the same customers every morning, a large extended family and the pre-dawn hours they worked. They always had an open-door policy and anyone and everyone was welcome to see them. There will be many employees that would tell you Marv was like a second father to them. And many customers that would tell you how much Marv and Elliot helped them over the years. VP was far more than a business, it was a living culture and beyond the boundaries of a conventional business. It was the essence of its founders. They were always at the forefront of the industry. VP was one of the first companies in the country to sell fiberglass bathtubs and to open a bath showroom (way before it was common for a wholesaler to do so).

From the very beginning charity was an important part of the company. Marv and Elliot both had humble roots and never forgot where they came from. Whether the charities were large or small, giving was always a part of the culture. Every employee at VP Supply has had the opportunity for a Thanksgiving turkey, another tradition started by Marv and Elliot. Marv would always close VP for the high Jewish holidays; he was a very principled man. He and Elliot passed on traditions and principles to our whole VP family that are timeless. Marv once read a story about a kid who worked delivering papers to save for a bike. And the bike was stolen from the kid. Marv found out the family name and donated money to buy the kid a new bike. The only condition was that Marv and VP stay anonymous. That was the Marv Miller people will remember.

Family was very important to Marv.  He was married for 57 years to Carolyn, had two children, Michael and Andrea, and was a loving grandfather to Sophie.  Not many knew he was in the coast guard, and during that time was a singer under the stage name Mario Milleri.


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